You probably know Joaquin Castro as the up-and-coming state legislator from San Antonio, or as the candidate running in (and likely to win) San Antonio`s 20th Congressional district. But he`s also moonlighting as a "Majority Maker" - one of a small group of soon-to-be Congressmen and women who are likely to win their races, and are thus focusing campaign efforts on other Democrats who need it more than they do. Castro is up for election this November, and though he faces a bevy of opponents (Republican, Green and Libertarian), the district is about 58 percent Democratic and it`s expected that he`ll be elected to office. Still - he`s not there yet, and he has already raised $100,000 for the Democratic Party. FULL STORY

Castro, his brother, state Rep. Joaquin Castro, and U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez, rode in the presidential motorcade, from the San Antonio International Airport to the Convention Center. The conversation in the car was, naturally, politics. FULL STORY